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Help Choosing A Wedding Toastmaster

If you are new to wedding planning you may see the word ‘Toastmaster’ and stare in confusion, don’t panic we are here to help. Planning a wedding requires so much knowledge and you may not have been able to make a full list of must-haves just yet. A Toastmaster is someone who makes all the formal announcements during your wedding reception, the key cog to ensuring your wedding day runs smoothly so you can relax and enjoy.

Why Choose a Wedding Toastmaster?

Your wedding is the most important day of your life and you want everything to be perfect. Hiring a Toastmaster turns a great reception into an amazing formal, yet relaxed affair. The biggest royal weddings all involve the use of a Toastmaster which speaks for itself.

Isn’t a Toastmaster included in my Wedding Package?

You may be right; many modern wedding packages include this service. However, you may wish to find out with the company you have booked with. Often the Toastmaster provided is a junior member of staff, certainly not experienced in this area.

Don’t gamble with your dream day for help choosing a wedding toastmaster contact Alan Feeney today on 01905 319 782 for a quote.

Asian Wedding Toastmaster In The West Midlands

Are you getting married this year? If so, then Alan would love to be a part of your special day by providing only the very best when it comes to a toastmaster experience.

If you've ever been a guest to a wedding before where you felt unsure of what was happening throughout the day, or where you needed to be at certain times then it's likely that a toastmaster wasn't present. Alan, from his years of experience knows how to deliver a toastmaster service you'll never forget, along with helping to ensure that the day runs as smoothly as possible.

Along with being well versed in the customs and regarded as a highly regarded Asian wedding toastmaster in the West Midlands, Alan also provides a range of other services which can be found detailed on the website.

If you have any further questions, or you would like to book Alan as a toastmaster for your big day, then please feel free to contact him on 01905 319 782. If you prefer, you can email Alan with your enquiries to alan(at) Once received he'll reply to you as quickly as possible.

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Wedding Toastmaster In The West Midlands

If you're in the midst of planning your wedding day for 2013 and you're looking for the extra touches that really make the entire day as fantastic as possible, then you'll need a wedding toastmaster. For a wedding toastmaster in the West Midlands, Alan Feeney will be able to deliver above and beyond what you'd expect from a toastmaster.

Alan has many years experience of providing the highest quality service as a toastmaster. As you'll be able to see on the home page of the website, he was also invited to be the toastmaster for the Queens Jubilee when the Queen and The Duke of Edinburgh visited Worcestershire in July 2012.

From the fantastic attire that Alan will wear on your big day, through to his excellent personality, you'll truly receive the full toastmaster experience.

To book Alan for your big day, or to find out more information about the wedding toastmaster experience he'll deliver for you, please feel free to contact him on 01905 319 782, or via email - alan(at)

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Wedding Toastmaster South Wales


Have you found our website because you're searching online for a 'wedding toastmaser South Wales?' If so, then we're pleased to say that you've come to the right place. Alan Feeney will not disappoint on your big day, providing a professional, yet fun toastmaster experience to ensure your day is flawless.

We understand that Alan isn't the only local toastmaster, however from feedback, we're more than confident that he is one of the best and here are three reasons why -

  • Service - Alan prides himself on the fantastic service he provides on your wedding day. As described on the website, he offers a friendly service, coupled with easy, unobtrusive formality.
  • Experience – As someone trained and experienced to the highest standards, you will be receiving the full toastmaster experience from Alan. From the traditional red coat uniform, through to the presence he creates in the venue, everyone will know what's happening during the reception. They will feel completely at ease and best of all, so will you!
  • Price - Quite simply, for the high quality service and experience you'll receive from Alan, you'll be hard pushed to find more competitive prices elsewhere.

We hope you agree from the information provided above and on our website, that Alan is the best choice for you when you are looking for a toastmaster in South Wales.

For more information, or to book Alan for your big day, please contact him at alan(at), or 01905 319 782 / 07949 382 469.



Asian Wedding Toastmaster

Welcome to the website of Alan Feeney. If you're in the midst of planning your wedding day, then let us first say congratulations. We know how important it is to ensure that everything is perfect for your big day, down to the smallest of details.


If you are looking to add that extra "wow" factor at your wedding then you should consider having a Toastmaster. Alan is a graduate of the UK School of Professional Toastmasters and he knows what's required to produce the full Toastmaster experience. He is also expert on the customs and traditions relating to all types of Asian wedding.


Weddings are an exciting time, however, it's critical that on the day there is a sense of order at certain parts. Everyone will then know what's happening at certain points of the day and feel a part of the entire experience and this is exactly what a Toastmaster will provide. It also takes the pressure off of the family to run the day!


Alan has provided some images through the website within the 'Toastmaster section' to help give you an idea of the fantastic service you will receive. For further enquiries on the Asian wedding Toastmaster service that Alan Feeney provides then please feel free to get in contact by calling 01905 319 782, or 07949 382 469.


Please remember that Alan gets booked up quickly throughout the year, therefore, please contact us as far away from the date as possible to avoid disappointment.